Join Something for Added Benefits

Back when I had decided to quit my government job because of my health (before they agreed to officially retire me), I started looking into anything that I should join that provided member benefits. Keep in mind that I was quitting because I thought the stress of the job would take me out eventually and I wasn’t going to have that happen.
I would basically be going from six figures to almost no figures. I needed anything that could help lower costs for things (such as health care, insurance, purchasing, travel, etc.). As such, I really looked more closely into things that I was already a member of: USAA (for military members), NAFE (National Association of Female Executives), National Association of Self Employed (NASE ) and ABA (American Booksellers Association). And for living in Virginia and traveling back and forth to Philadelphia, I also joined Veterans Advantage because it provided a higher Amtrak discount than AAA. I was also using a credit union for my banking. To join these, I met their member guidelines and was regularly using the member benefits of all of these organizations. In addition, most of these had some type of discount for health insurance, which would be my primary need at that time.
That was back in 2006. Jump forward to 2017. This same thought process applies and should be considered by everyone. I joined AARP as soon as I became eligible. Any individual, any small business person or any business that wants to provide benefits to their employees and can’t afford to do it directly, should consider what organizations they can join that provide them with pre-negotiated discounts to products and services that they could use everyday.
Why pay more than you have to.