Timely Tip #3 for Budding Authors – Get Published

Yes. Get published.  This may seem obvious to you, but a lot of people write a book, go to the local office supply store and get copies made of it and then they are ready to sell the book.

This does work.  But, it makes it very difficult to get it into the mainstream of the book world, without being officially published.  Publishing means that you have officially registered the book by getting an ISBN assigned to the creation.  Once the number is assigned, anyone and everyone can locate information about your book through an unlimited amount of databases.

Yes – your book becomes one of trillions of published books, but you are no longer the only one that knows about your book.  The industry can now find information about this newly published book whether you marketed the information or not.  Many individuals search the isbn-related databases by topic, subject, genre, age, etc., often selecting books that they never knew about. Perhaps you wrote your book because the topic needed to be addressed.  If it is not in any database anywhere, when someone is searching for that very topic, both of you will miss an opportunity.

The ISBN assignment, and the optional barcode, also makes it so much easier for retailers and other catalogers to handle and process activity associated with your book.

So please help us out and get published!

Deborah Gary, President of DHEx Enterprises, has operated it’s Color Book Gallery children’s bookstore for over 15 years.  She also provides seminars and consulting  for budding and existing authors and retailers.