Lessons from the Godfather of Soul

Adobe Photoshop PDFI hosted Daryl Brown, James Brown’s son, only Philadelphia book signing of his book, My Father the Godfather.  As you will see, when you read the book, there was so much more to James Brown that many of us didn’t know, and that the movie, Get on Up, doesn’t convey (the movie producers didn’t interview most of the insiders that were closest to James Brown, including Daryl).  One thing that is clear, is that James Brown was truly the Godfather to us all.  He not only took care of family, friends and band members, his civil rights actions were his direct involvement in insuring that his people, that would be us, were also taken care of.  In addition, his generosity was astounding.

From a business perspective, he felt that everything that surrounded him reflected upon him, and thus impacted whether he would be respected and successful.  Such a smart man, his business strategies were very creative.  Even though you will read the real, and sometimes dirty details, about James Brown, reading My Father the Godfather will give you a wealth of business tips.  Here is a few simplified tips, but you really need to see how, or why, he implemented them:

  • Professional appearance
  • Be prepared at all times
  • Cut out the middle man
  • Both sides can be a benefit
  • Be independent

Daryl Brown, like his father, is out promoting his book and following the same independence and generous path of his father. Quite a challenge when he is up against the millions spent in marketing the movie, Get on Up.  By using small independent bookstores, he is insuring that small businesses, grassroots, hear the real story and benefit from the story.  Proceeds from the book also go to charity.  Go out and get the book, My Father the Godfather, or contact me if you can’t get it locally.

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