Where Are the Jobs? Everywhere – That’s Right! I Said It.

women leaderWith so many unemployed, it’s hard to watch people struggling – with no idea how they will make it to the next day or next week.  If it wasn’t for my retirement income, I could be in the same boat.  But! – I would hope that, with the Lords guidance, that would not happen.

Why do I say that?  Because, the Lord blessed me with so many talents, that I would continue to sort through them and find one of them that could be used for work.  A lot of time we focus on one thing we think we can do or those things we think we want to do, and ignore those things that we possibly could do, or even know how to do – talents.  Keep in mind that using a talent or skill, even if only temporary, could lead to the actual job or position that you really want or could expose you to something that you never even thought about!  True – however, there may be others that will come to that discovery at the same time as you – so, there is still no guarantees that you will find a job, but it opens up the possibilities from the limited options that you thought you had before.

But, as a retired information technology manager – I will always advocate that in that time that you are still looking for a job, you take the time to learn as much about computers and technology as you can.  There are so many free classes for using the computer.  These administrative skills are needed for every business there is.  There are also free, low cost and scholarships offered for technical training for fixing, analyzing and developing technology solutions.  Again, every company has computers and will need support staff.  This technology support staff is what I meant when I said “Jobs are everywhere”.  There is not enough skilled workers in the US to fill these jobs.  Training or retraining can lead to job opportunities starting from $40K and above.  The commercials that you see are true!

But – there is still another option.  Starting your own business or that side hustle.  (Of course – I truly mean officially -so you can deduct expenses).  Take those talents and use them to make an income – even if it is only here and there – it is better than nothing at all.  Yes – this is definitely scary, if you haven’t done it before, so, consider starting off as a one of these direct sales reps for companies such as Avon, Mary Kay, Amway, etc.  There are many legitimate companies with quality products that provide all of the support you need to be an independent sales rep.  The concept behind these jobs/businesses is the same as being a commissioned sales rep.  If you see advertisements for commissioned reps, give them consideration.  Although there is no guaranteed salary – there is guaranteed commission – when you make a sale.  Some require training, such as Realtors and Insurance sales people, however, most do not.  Basically it depends on you and your effort, your sales skills to determine how much you can bring in.  With those positions, it certainly depends on the product/service and if there is a demand for it and where you would find those customers – but after you make the match, you would have another source of potential income.

Anyway, a lot to consider.  So, start analyzing yourself.  I pray that you can use some hidden talent to help you make it through these trying times for everyone.  You can always reach out to us at DHEx Enterprises.  We can use sales reps for our medical diagnostic equipment, books and educational products or if you have an idea that I hadn’t thought about that can benefit both you and the business – we can talk!